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We provide on-site computer repairs, upgrades, and maintenance services to residential and commercial clients in Corner Brook, Deer Lake, Pasadena and Surrounding areas.
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Should you wish to contact us please call (709) 640-6609 or (709) 637-0607. Location:
5A Hillcrest Road
Corner Brook, NL
A2H 1N5
We carry a wide variety of high quality computer products that are of superior quality and proven reliability, including: Computers, Laptops
Cell Phone
Do you have a cracked iPad/iPhone/iPod screen or other issue needing repair? Have you been searching for the best quality iPad/iPhone/iPod screen repair company?
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To contract out our Company to do local services in the Corner Brook & Surrounding areas Pleace click here
Jay's Computer Repair
Your 1 Stop Shop 4 Service & Repair
(709) 640-6609
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Need a Computer or Laptop but you have bad credit look no further
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